Why is Catholicism a Cult?

Catholics worship Mary. They bow down to Mary's idol and pray to her. Idolatry is not Christianity, and it has nothing to do with the living God.

roman catholic false religion

Mary was just a human being like you and me, and she herself called Jesus Lord. She was indeed blessed because she had the privilege of giving birth to Jesus. But, that doesn't make her divine and she never asked anybody to worship her as a divine mother. Jesus said that all those who believe in Him truly and belong to Him are His family members.

Catholicism is a Cult religion with a lot of false pagan beliefs. It cannot save anyone. Catholics worship Mary as a divine mother. Mary worshippers are not saved, and they do not know God. You must believe in the One True Triune God(Father, Spirit, Son) and Christ's sacrifice ALONE for Salvation. 

Mary and the so-called special Saints were just human beings and sinners like you and me, in need of a Savior. No religion or sacrament or Self-Righteousness or good works can save anyone from Hell or contribute to Salvation. Only Jesus' blood can save a soul. 

All who have trusted in Jesus as Savior are saints and imperfect human beings saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

This Post: Is Catholicism a Cult?

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