How to identify False Religions and Cults? Which Church should I attend?

what is a false religion

Christianity is about Salvation - Jesus, His sacrifice, and the restoration of the lost relationship between God and man, and not about religion. One mustn't get trapped into any false religion or false belief systems.

Before choosing a physical Church to attend, make sure the core values and beliefs of the Church match the Biblical guidelines. Here is a list of some of the core and critical Biblical doctrinal beliefs to look for in a Church. 

1. The God-Head consists of 3 persons in the One True God, namely, God-The Father, God-The Son, and God-The Holy Spirit. They are not three different Gods. They are three persons in One God, and this is referred to as Trinity.

2. Salvation is a Free Gift of God, received by the Grace of God, through Faith in Jesus Alone. Self-Righteousness or our good works or sacraments can never contribute to Salvation. A person can be saved only by being imputed with Christ's perfect righteousness. Jesus is the ONLY WAY to Heaven. 

3. Holy Spirit is given to everyone who receives Salvation. By this, we become a Church where God dwells. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit helps the believer grow in the Lord. 

4. There is no mediator between man and God except Jesus. Dead saints and Mary cannot be a messenger or mediator for you.

5. Heaven and Hell are real places. Sadly, everybody who rejects Jesus will spend their eternity in Hell. The sins of Born-Again believers are already completely covered by the blood of Jesus.

6. Eternal Salvation, once obtained, can never be lost. Nothing that we did helped us gain Salvation, that we can lose it. Salvation is entirely God's work of unconditional grace. Those who claim to have turned away from the God of the Bible to other gods or atheists are most probably never really saved in the first place. It could be that they had a form of religion without a relationship with Jesus.

7. Jesus will return to earth one day, and we must be awaiting it gladly. 

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