Is God real? Who is God? What happens after death? Is Heaven and Hell Real? Are you Saved?: Does God heal every illness?


Does God heal every illness?

Does God still heal people from illness?Yes

Does God heal every Physical illness in this life? No

Our God is all powerful, gracious and almighty. He is capable of healing any sickness, including cancer and pandemic diseases. He is capable of raising the dead back to life. He did it in the past and He can still do it. Does God still heal people? Yes. If you have any so called faith and pray for healing, will God surely heal your disease? No. God can chose to heal you physically or may let your illness or pain remain, in order to make you receive higher and greater Eternal benefits.

It would be a false teaching to say that God will solve every problem, heal every sickness and make you live a comfortable problem-free life in this world always. Jesus said that we will have tribulation in this world.

God has a purpose for every problem, every illness, every struggle and every blessing. He has not promised a problem free life, but has promised that all things in a believer's life will ultimately work for their Eternal good.

If you have God with you, there is nothing to be worried about. We have the greatest GIFT OF ETERNAL LIFE.  

This life is for a while and we all will die physically one day. So, surrender it to God and see how beautiful it becomes.

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