Who is the real God?Is God real or a myth?

who is god almighty

God always existed, even before the universe began. God is the maker and master of all creations. The creations themselves prove the existence of God and His sovereignty. The awesomeness of nature, the miraculous functioning of the human body, the mortality of man, the natural laws prove that God exists and is in perfect control of everything in the universe.

God and Science:

God and The Big Bang Theory:

According to science, the universe came into existence as a result of one big explosion of light and energy. But how did the explosion happen? What was the source of this explosion? Science does not have an answer.

God and The Evolution Theory:

The concept of Evolution is illogical and irrelevant. If man evolved from monkeys, why and how monkeys are still there on earth? Only a few monkeys chose to become human beings?

Limitations of Human Beings:

Throughout history, many intellectual human brains have come up with astonishing inventions and discoveries. But, the human brain itself is a masterpiece of God.

Human beings cannot stop their own body from functioning according to the natural laws created by God. We can neither function without sleep for a few days continuously nor postpone our food intake and survive for long.

We are mortal and destined to leave the earth on the day appointed by God. Can anybody ever invent something that can prevent his/her death? Impossible!

These limitations prove that God is our Ruler.

Nature is not God! - It is a work of God.

Idols made of human hands are not God! - They do not hear or see.

Dead human beings are not God! - Everybody is destined to die one day.

Imaginary characters in epics are not God! - Fictional characters do not exist in the real world.

So, is God real or a myth? God is not a myth. God is as real as you and me.

Who is the Almighty True Living God?

The Only True God exist as three personalities, namely, God-The Father, God-The Son and God-The Holy Spirit, each serving a specific unique purpose.

God has revealed himself to man in human flesh through His Son Jesus Christ.

Jesus Is God! You cannot have the Father as your God without Jesus.

If you do not accept Jesus of the Bible, you deny the only true God – The Creator of Heaven and Earth. If you have accepted Jesus, God is in you.

The Bible says, no one who denies the Son has the Father and whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also (1 John 2:23)

Why is it CRUCIAL to accept the one true God, NOW?

You have no excuse for not knowing God.

Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse.”

There is a life after death. Heaven and hell are real physical places. God is a just God. If you are an unsaved person, after your death, God has to judge you according to your works and behaviour during your days on earth. All of us are sinners and deserve hell.

Perfection according to the world's standards is highly insufficient for a Holy and Perfect God. But, the good news is that Jesus lived a perfect life, and His righteousness can be imputed on us.Jesus opened the doors of heaven for those who believe in Him alone for their Salvation. To rescue us from all the bondage of hell and restore our lost relationship with God, God sent His Son Jesus to pay for our sins and set us free. 

If you believe that Jesus is God and that He took your punishment, died for your sins and rose again, you will be saved from an eternity in hell. 

A person who receives the gift of Salvation is Born-Again by the Spirit of God. Every Born-Again believer is made righteous in the sight of God through Jesus and is no longer under bondage but is a Citizen of heaven. Salvation is a gift and cannot be purchased or earned by any amount of good work. No amount of good deeds, charity or church activities can help you earn or contribute to your Salvation. 

You can be saved ONLY by God's grace, through Faith. Salvation cannot be earned by good works, baptism and other sacraments, religion, the intervention of Mary and Saints etc. It is a gift available to everyone who believes in the gospel.

You will not only be saved from eternal punishment but will have a real relationship with your maker. Having a relationship with God does not guarantee an easy-going life on earth. You will have times of tribulation, and God will correct you as a loving father whenever you disobey Him or deviate from His purpose. God might allow problems in your life for various reasons. However, He will make all things work for your eternal good, remain with you always, and reward you for your good works during the judgement day in heaven. There is no pain nor sorrow in heaven.

What a privilege it is to be called the Child of the Almighty God!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Romans 6:23 "For the wages of sin [is] death; but the gift of God [is] eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

This Post: Does God exist? Who is God almighty? Is God real or a myth?

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